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TERMINALFOUR was established in 1997 by Piero Tintori, CEO & Founder.  It was a period when the world was adopting the internet in droves and everyday human communication was undergoing a revolution. The company website was becoming ubiquitous; no longer only a brochure site, instead becoming a strategic marketing and business tool for organisations. Piero recognised that the management of web content would become one of the biggest online challenges for businesses worldwide, and so TERMINALFOUR was formed.


We believe in the value of community and are committed to listening to the requirements of customers, the market and user groups. The knowledge we have acquired from this is incorporated into the strategic direction of our product - TERMINALFOUR Site Manager - and our professional service delivery. We have always understood the power and value of people. We know that our employees are the heart of TERMINALFOUR and we will never be a faceless, corporate entity, with a hands-off, distant and unapproachable client mentality. Our goal is to always provide positive experiences for our clients. 

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