Getting a Google API Key

In order for the Google Maps to display on this Sample Data set a Google Maps API Key is required. This key is unique to the server on which this site is published to.

To sign up for this free key visit: For example, if this sample data is published to the following location, the URL that you will need to supply will be the same. You must also accept the Terms & Conditions of use. 

Note: If your URL looks like this, which uses the IP address instead of a domain name, this can also be used.

To update the Google API key within the Google Map Template you will need to do the following;

  1. Go to Assets > Content Templates. Edit the 'Google Map' template. Go to the 'Formatting' tab and edit the 'text/head' formatter.
  2. Replace the existing key in the formatter with the newly generated API Key and update the template.
  3. Republish your channel and refresh the page containing the Google Map in your browser.