Content Samples

This sections has been created as an example to display different types of Templates.

Every template is unique as it has a different set of elements. Each template has is own purpose and should only be used for specific pieces of content.

  • Page with Heading: Suitable for general website content such as plain text, links and images.
  • Page without heading: Suitable for content which is preceeded by content using the above mentioned template.
  • File Download: Suitable for uploading files into sections.
  • News: Suitable for displaying news items, should only be used in the designated News section.
  • Flash Template: Suitable for displaying flash videos.
  • YouTube Video: Suitable for displaying YouTube videos.
  • Gallery placeholder: Displays and controls the gallery images. Should be used in the parent section of the Gallery Images section.
  • Gallery Image: Allows you to insert an image from the gallery via the Media Library.
  • Access Control: Provides access control on the secure area of the site
  • Blog Post: Template used to add a blog post.
  • Blog Comment: Allows you to add a comment to a Blog post.
  • Contact Us: eForm Template - used to store the results of the contact us form.
  • Event: Use this template to add events to the events calendar.
  • Google Map: Suitable for integrating and displaying a Google Map.
  • SM Users Data Object: Allows you to import data from the Site Manager database and display as content.
  • RSS Consumer: Reads in an RSS Feed.
  • Generic Poll: Allows you to display an online Poll.

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