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Yellen warns on US housing market risk

Description: Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve highlights economic threats even as she tells Congress a rebound in spending and production is under way

Wall St rallies in spite of tech losses

Description: The S&P 500 recoups a big chunk of Tuesday’s decline, while Russian stocks jump and gold tumbles amid hopes for an easing of Ukraine tensions

Putin calls for delay in east Ukraine vote

Description: Vladimir Putin has called on pro-Russia groups in eastern Ukraine to postpone a referendum, fuelling hopes for a de-escalation of the crisis

Tesla investors impatient over road map

Description: Lack of evidence on next generation vehicles and battery plant weighs on the shares in the electric carmaker

BofA’s board backed despite capital woes

Description: Bank faces criticism after it overstated capital by $4bn as a result of accounting treatment linked to its acquisition of Merrill Lynch

Prospectus lifts the lid on Alibaba

Description: Alibaba’s 248-page prospectus lifts the lid on the usually secretive company that is preparing to launch one of the most eagerly awaited listings in recent years

Groups feel pain from Russian operations

Description: Société Générale takes €525m hit from writing off the goodwill of its Russian assets and Carlsberg cut its outlook for the Russian beer market

Rivals eat away at Whole Foods’ niche

Description: Upmarket grocer’s shares fall by a fifth as sales growth at established stores slowed from 6.9 per cent to 4.5 per cent in its second quarter

Treasury sales to test investor appetite

Description: Despite concerns over low yields the US is to sell a combined $40bn in 10- and 30-year debt over the next two days

Popularity of ‘Candy Crush’ game peaks

Description: The amount spent by players of the game in the first three months of this year fell to $429m, from $493m in the previous quarter

AOL shares fall 20% on profit miss

Description: AOL is in the midst of a transformation to become an advertising-supported digital media company but concerns are rising over that strategy

Rising gas prices lift shale producers

Description: Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy reported big increases in profits as they benefited from a cold US winter and a shift in operations

China labour activism: crossing the line

Description: An increase in worker militancy fuelled by higher living costs is prompting Beijing to consider how to deal with what it sees as a threat to investment

Brazil’s fat public sector needs reform

Description: The reason for the nation’s lack of competitiveness is glaringly obvious to anyone who cares to look: the bloated public sector

Global warming and US gridlock

Description: Obama must use his powers to make up for inert Congress